Falk Realtime Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is intended to provide a overview of how Falk Realtime manages user data and privacy. If you have any questions around the contents of this privacy policy, please contact us at privacy@falkrealtime.com.

The Falk Realtime platform „AdSolution NextGen“

Falk Realtime operates a software platform, AdSolution NextGen, used by online publishers and ad networks to sell and deliver advertising. In doing so, Falk Realtime provides the technical capability to target advertising to audience segments based on information collected by AdSolution NextGen or integrated from 3rd party software platforms.

Data collected by Falk Realtime

Falk Realtime adheres to all relevant legal regulations in all countries where it operates, including EU/EES and the USA. All data is collected in accordance with IAB/EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising.

All information collected by AdSolution NextGen platform is anonymous and non-identifiable including, but not limited to, IP address, Browser version, Operating System, Device type etc.

Falk Realtime does not collect any personally identifiable information (PII).

3rd party data

Falk Realtime’s clients and/or partners may integrate external data sources with the AdSolution NextGen platform to enable targeting on 3rd party data collected outside of Falk Realtime’s control.

Falk Realtime does not allow any such 3rd party integrations to pass PII to Falk Realtime and require all partners to honor the IAB/EASA Best Practice Recommendation on Online Behavioural Advertising.

All 3rd party data is normally encrypted by the transmitting 3rd party before transfer to the Falk Realtime platform. Any such data is encrypted again by Falk Realtime before being stored in AdSolution NextGen. This practice prevents exposure of data to unauthorized 3rd parties.

Anonymous audience data, used for targeting, may sometimes be relayed to external 3rd parties on behalf of Falk Realtime’s clients where it makes sense in the business of selling and delivering advertising. Such data is normally also included in reports provided to Falk Realtime’s clients in order to enable everyday monitoring of their advertising business. Such data is normally provided in aggregated form.


Falk Realtime uses a combination of technologies, including cookies, to store data about its end users as needed to provide the service of selling and delivering advertising. The data within such cookies does not include any PII and is always encrypted.

Falk Realtime is requiring its clients and partners to collect user opt-in on Falk Realtime’s behalf, as required by EU law, before utilising Falk Realtime technology in any service.

User opt-out

You can at any time opt-out from cookie based Falk Realtime tracking and ad targeting. In order to do so, either configure your browser to not accept cookies from Falk Realtime servers, disable 3rd party cookies altogether, or click here to set a Falk Realtime opt-out cookie. Please note that you might have to do this again if you update or switch the browser or computer that you are using.

Security Precautions

Falk Realtime makes significant efforts to maintain the integrity of its network and the collected data. Any collected data stored on Falk Realtime’s servers is encrypted, treated as confidential and is not available to the general public.

Changes to Privacy Policy

From time to time it might be neccessary to change this privacy policy. This privacy policy was last revised on September 1st, 2014.

Please direct any questions or comments regarding our privacy policy or practices to us at:

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